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The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Project complements the overall IRS security tool strategy, and provides continuous monitoring, diagnosis, and mitigation capabilities designed to strengthen the security posture of the federal government networks and systems.

Gunnison supported the adaptation of organizational processes to consolidate the CDM Project and the enhancements this collaborative effort brought to the agency with existing agency tools and strategies.  The collaboration between the CDM Project and existing agency resources comprised the CDM Program within Cybersecurity Architecture & Implementation (A&I) at the IRS.

Gunnison provided to the IRS, Office of Cybersecurity with architecture and implementation expertise in support of the CDM Project implementation efforts to fortify the agency’s IT security posture.

The specific work shall include expertise and support for:

  • Hardware asset, software asset, configuration, and vulnerability management
  • DHS’s CDM implementation effort and goals
  • Risk Management Dashboard and Archer
  • Enterprise data analysis, risk scoring and mitigation
  • Deploying tools/technologies within the IRS environment to support CDM
  • Development, review, and issuance of IT security guidance and processes to ensure compliance with FISMA, OMB, NIST, Treasury, Federal Regulatory Guidelines and industry best practices for IT Security


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